Files and Features etc.

This is where you can get some cool downloadables. Or at least it will be when I have some more things for you to get! Well, I am slowly getting and making stuff to put here. ^_^


This is the application you will need to unzip all the other files stored here. You can download a free version from here.

Nutzoide's Fics

Zipped compilations of the fics I have finished.

Faith, Hope & Carrot Soup



The fan created anime music videos I have made.

Nutzoide's Fonts

When viewing this site do you see the same fonts on the text headings as on the navigation and header bars? If not then you do not have all the fonts that were used to create it. Some of these are not common since I was trying to make the section themes as close as possible to the themes of the shows, if not the ones used in the shows themselves. This file contains all ten fonts used. Just stick them in your fonts folder (accessible though the windows control panel) and you should be able to see them. By no means essential, but it does make the site look a bit better.

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Some of you may also know me as 'Nutzoide'!
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