Updates in 2003

December 16th

It's been a long time since my last update, but I now have two new reviews up: Jubei-chan the Ninja Girl and Outlaw Star. I also have a zipped copy of Starlight available to download and my latest piece of original artwork is now up in the Personal section. Go-Gaia has also been added to the links section.

November 12th

The bittersweet (and somewhat anticlimactic) final chapter of Starlight is now up in the Personal section, and I've finally gotten round to writing another review, this time for Devil Lady. I've also added Tenchi Muyo GXP to the 'Guide to Tenchi Muyo' article.

October 19th

Life is not being pleasant to me right now, but I have been managing to get some things done. Chapter eight of Starlight is now up, as are two new pieces of original art. Plus I've finished my first anime music video, which is now available from the downloads section. It is a fairly large .avi file I'm afraid, but there is only so much I can compress it with the software I have. 'The Lonely Wanderer', my insight into Hibiki Ryoga from Ranma 1/2.

October 4th

Chapter seven of Starlight is now finished and up in the Personal section. Also I have become a staff reviewer for The Tenchi Reviewer . Yay! ^_^ I've just got to find the time to read and review some fics now!

September 22nd

I'm back at uni now, and despite this first week being fresher's week it's been nothing but meetings and stress thanks to a new society I'm involved in setting up. However, I do have the next two chapters of Starlight up now as well as an entire new section in Fan Works called Guest Art, which has the first of what I hope will be many (or at least several) pictures by other artists for my writing! Also, the Fan Works section now has all its theme images. Why isn't there one in the Fan-fiction page? I have plans for that space!

September 4th

Nutzoide's now has its own domain! Woohoo! Now the downloads page should work better, and I have added a zipped copy of Faith, Hope & Carrot Soup to it. Some sections still need their theme images, but they'll get done eventually when I watch the shows again.

August 27th

Well, I'm back from a little holiday away and have finally added 'The Tenchi Reviewer' to the list of fan-fiction links. I've been meaning to do that for ages! Also, I have the prologue and first four chapters of my first original fiction which can be found in the Personal section. It's a little rough around the edges in places, but release speed was preferred by the audience that it is being done for, and it's been going down pretty well so far. A sci-fi shoujo-ai story: Starlight. Thanks to everyone who submitted characters for it!

July 22nd

'Faith, Hope & Carrot Soup' is now finished and the last chapter is now up! I hope you've enjoyed it! Also there is a new picture in the original artwork page. One I did for someone else's fic in which Eien participated!

July 4th

Chapter nine of 'Faith, Hope & Carrot Soup' is now up, bringing us close to the end of the story. To think it'll all be over by the end of this month! There is also a new review in the reviews section; 'Tenchi Muyo! [Ryo-Ohki]', one of my personal favourites. I've also made some very minor changes to fix the spelling in several of the reviews and added a new word to the glossary; 'Kawaii'.

June 14th

Another chapter of 'Faith, Hope & Carrot Soup', another update! Seems like that's the main reason to update at the moment. Well, chapter eight is up so feel free to take a look. I have also written up and added another review, this time for 'Magical Project S', a very enjoyable magical girl show starring Sasami from Tenchi Muyo!

May 29th

Just a small update this time, with chapter seven of 'Faith, Hope & Carrot Soup'. Enjoy.

May 17th

Well, that's another university semester finished, and I have chapter six of 'Faith, Hope and Carrot Soup' to celebrate it with. I have also added four new fan art pics, courtesy of having to wait for hours for my assignments to render. Three Ranma 1/2 pics and a Tenchi Muyo one.

April 24th

Chapter five of my Tenchi Muyo fanfic 'Faith, Hope & Carrot Soup' is now up. There are also four new pieces of art, two Tenchi Muyo fan art pictures and two original ones.

April 10th

Nutzoide's is finally online! Hurray!
Actually it is a little earlier than I had planned so the site is a little more sparse than I would have liked, but the additional material will come with time. All the sections are up and running at least. Take a look around and see what you think. I hope to update fairly regularly, but with still being at university who can say? I can say that when I have new material I will get it posted up here as soon as possible.

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