Updates in 2004

December 3rd

Managing to miss Novermber all together I've finally got an update. Just reviews, but we have the series' 3 & 4 of Ranma 1/2, the You're Unde Arrest Mini Specials and the first three TV series' of Sailor Moon. That a lot of animation there.

October 21st

Just one large update this month. The last of my Metroid trilogy is finished, so check that out in Fan-Works, and I also have four new reviews up. Martian Successor Nadesico, Rune Soldier, Slayers Try (finally!) and the first two TV seasons of Ranma 1/2.

September 25th

A new piece of original art is now finished and up in the Personal section, and I have two new reviews for you: 'NeiA under Seven' and 'You're Under Arrest'.

September 3rd

A long time since the last update and not much to show for it! There's plenty in the backlogged works, but it all needs finishing. However, I have finished the sequel to Respite, my Metroid story. It's called Reflections and is now up so check it out.

July 14th

Well, I've updated my CV now I've graduated (Yay!) but my Tenchi Muyo story seems to be slow in progressing right now. However, I have finished working on a Metroid fanfic I've been doing to keep me writing when I couldn't find the inspiration to write Tenchi. That's in the Fan Works section, so have a read, and I also have a review for Dirty Pair Flash up as well.

June 12th

It's been ages since the last update thanks to finals, overdue obligations and new computer games! Still, there is a new review for 'The Adventures of Mini-Goddess', and another Starlight animation in Personal->Other Stuff. It looks better than the last one too!

April 6th

Procrastination is not a good thing. While I should have been working on university stuff I've finished another piece of Tenchi Muyo fan art instead! I also have two new reviews up: Variable Geo and Blue Seed. Now uni work has to take priority, but at least it'll be over soon. Thank goodness. ^_^

March 9th

My massively overambitious uni project is now done! Alright! Now I just have to finish the other four modules! That'll mean updates will likely remain a little on the light side until the semesters end, but I do at least have something to put up now. The results of the project I've been slaving over is now in a new page in Personal for 'Other Stuff'. It's a 2d animated intro/trailer for Starlight. I also have a review up for Those Who Hunt Elves series one and two.

January 23rd

University work and, when that permits, my current fic (a sequel to Faith, Hope & Carrot Soup) are taking pretty much all my time at the moment, so I don't have much new up. Just a review for Slayers Great and a new piece of guest artwork by Rich 'Zonefox' Morgan. Check it out. I've also added 'The All New Tenchi Muyo' to the Guide to Tenchi Muyo in the articles section.

January 2nd

A late update and late Happy New Year to you all. It's been quite hectic in an apathetic sort of way recently, but I have now updated the link to Wings of Glass, and my apologies to Literary Eagle it didn't happen sooner. I also have a new piece of original arwork up so feel free to take a peek.

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