Updates in 2007

October 11th

Just a quick update to say that Shooting for the Moon has had it's final proofing.

September 30thth

Shooting for the Moon is finished! ^_^ If feels like the end of an era, since I've been writing this little alternate continuity for almost two years! And this makes the third chapter finished this month too! I'm feeling rather proud of myself. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the last part of the story. I'll be back to give the whole thing a final clean up for spelling, continuity and the like, but right now I could do with a few days off from Sailor Moon!

September 19th

The penultimate chapter is finished! Heh, I am so tired, but it is exhilarating keeping up this schedule! See you soon for the final part!

September 4th

And another fast turn around is achieved for this latest chapter. In fact, it's taken less than two weeks, and it's the largest chapter of Shooting for the Moon so far! Not bad during a fortnight of extra day-job work and a quick spot of fumigation (these wretched clothes moths are taking over the whole neigbourhood, I swear!) Anyway, enjoy.

August 19th

And up goes chapter 5. You know the drill people! I've also added an extra scene to chapter 4, to better link the penultimate and final scenes of that chapter. In other news however I've, quite randomly, been sent some fan art for my 'Metroid R' trilogy! Woohoo! ^_^ That's up in the Guest Fan Art section, because I want to show off! I'm amazed the stories can still be so well thought of after nearly two years!

July 26th

Chapter 4 of "Shooting for the Moon" is up, and my new writing schedule seems to be working. Unfortunately it's not leaving any time to re-watch old anime for review purposes, but then I am getting far too much new stuff to fill that viewing time! At least I'm getting something done I guess! ^_^'

July 3rd

Well, the holiday seems to have done its thing, because Chapter 3 is now up, and a few plot points really come to a head. Plus Usagi gets some proper time to shine, and she deasn't even have to transform to do it this time around!

June 10th

Shooting for the Moon: Chapter 2 is now finished, and just in time before I head off for a bit. Hopefully I should be able to make some decent progress on the next part while I'm away, but in the mean time please have a read and let me know what you think.

May 19th

Quite a quick turnover this time, with the first full chapter of 'Shooting for the Moon' now finished and posted in the Fan Works section. Enjoy.

May 2nd

And, while the Reviews section is languishing, I've started in on another fanfic. Given the calls for more Fallen Stars, and my own interest in following up that story, the sequel is now in production. Only the prologue for now, but that should be enough to get the ball rolling. And the title? Following the trend set by the last one it's called 'Shooting for the Moon'.

April 9th

My first full update of the year and it's already four months in. I obviously need more practice! Still, I have another full story finished and placed up in the Fan Works section; another horror one this time, based on H.P.Lovecraft's Call of Cthulhu Mythos. For those with a strong stomach, enjoy!

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