Updates in 2009

December 22nd

After the Vault chapter 13 is now complete, and much longer than I had planned it to be. Happy Christmas everyone!

October 20th

After more real life delays, both mine and my proofreader's, chapter 12 of After the Vault is now up. As ever, feedback is both welcome and encouraged!

August 10th

Eh, you know, for a fic that is supposed to be a secondary project under more important stuff going on right now, this thing is taking up far too much of my time. And it still took over two months to finish and proof this chapter! Such is life. Chapter 11 of 'After the Vault' is done. Enjoy.

May 26th

Another two months, and another chapter finally finished. After the Vault part 10 is now up, so check it out.

March 8th

Well, I said it wouldn't be over. Now let's hope that some actually remembers this! After the Vault chapter 9 is finished, so please check it out and let me know what you thought.

January 20th

Another year, another story reaches its breaking off point. Except that this time it isn't over by a long shot. Chapter 8 of After the Vault is now up, and anyone reading should make sure to read the notes at the end, which will explain in full what is going to happen now that the first story ark is over. Everyone else, I'll just say a belated happy new year.

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