Updates in 2008

December 20th

Ah, Christmas is here at last. So that's what all the panic at work has been about! Anyway, happy holidays to all, and to celebrate (in a somewhat unothodox way, perhaps) chapter 7 of After the Vault is up. Enjoy. Right, I'm going to take a well earned nap now. Wake me up in the new year!

November 8th

A little later than planned, but chapter 6 of After the Vault is up, so see what you think. No new reviews yet again I'm afraid, but just haven't had the time to go back and re-watch dubbed material, or re-watch anything actually. My anime collection is feeling lonely, poor thing.

October 2nd

This monthly update thing worked for a while. Let's hope I can keep it up now that work is going to be getting busier, what with Christmas less than three months away. I think people should get a two week prep-time and then that's it, but I suppose it pays my wages. Anyway, all that aside, chapter 5 of After the Vault is done and uploaded, and I've also gone over chapter 1 and given it a good revising for spelling errors and a minor continuity slip-up! And to think that it already had four proofings, and between three different people no less!

September 4th

Well, Amecon 08 was good fun, and I came back nice and broke! My outfit was also well recieved, which was really nice considering it was my first cosplay. There is a picture below. To my shame, I did grow that beard with the outfit in mind!
Anyway this update sees another chapter of After the Vault up and finished, so check it out!

August 2nd

Work and costume making for Amecon next week has been keeping me busy, but I have found time during the month to write up the next chapter of After the Vault. As always, check it out and let me know what you think.

July 7th

I guess the muse was ready for a little fanfic after so long. After some truly compulsive spates of writing "After the Vault chapter 2" is now finished, and in little over a week. That's dedication for you. Or obsession, I'm not sure which. Either way, the story has got going properly now, so give it a read and see what you think of it.

June 29th

It looks like it would have been a quiet year. I guess that's what real life does to you. But no longer (hopefully!) because I have started a new fanfic! It may not be updated as regularly as my previous ones, because it's really something for me to tinker with when I need something fun and a bit edgy to write. But, that said, I've got really into it even just getting it started, so who knows? I certainly think this first chapter is some of the best material I've written to date. Anyway, enough self-congratulation. It is called "After the Vault" and is a story based on the wonderful world set out in the PC game Fallout. If you've not played it or its excellent first sequel, go out and find them in a bargain bin now. I played them both at their releases - Fallout was actually my first (and somewhat daunting at the time) CRPG - and I still play them now. That said though, After the Vault requires no knowledge of the games to read. I'm writing it as a stand alone story in the Fallout world, it just happens to take an event from the game as its trigger to get the ball rolling. Chapter 1 is up in the Fan Works section, so let me know what you think.

March 7th

It has been a long time since I last updated this place. I guess that's what happens when I don't have a fanfic on the go! Anyway, I have found just enough time to re-watch Silent Mobius, so I have a review up for that now. I also have a review for The Irresponsible Captain Tylor that I wrote a couple of months ago, and then fogot to upload! So, two reviews for the price of one this time!

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