Updates in 2006

December 3rd

Just a quick update here, fixing the minor spelling and continuity errors in various chapters 'Fallen Stars'. This is now the 'live release version'! ^_^

November 28th

And here the epilogue is! It would have been posted with chapter 6, but after a full two months I thought that enough was enough. Anyway, 'Fallen Stars' is now complete, so head over to the Fan Works section and check it out.

November 16th

It's been far too long, but chapter 6 of Fallen Stars is finally up. Only the epilogue to go now.

September 16th

Well, I'm back and thankfully the fresh air has done it's job! Chapter 5 of Fallen Stars is now up in the fan works section, so please take a look and let me know what you think.

August 27th

A quick update this month with a review for Azumanga Daioh. I'll be back with something else late September at the earliest, when I get back from my holidays. ^_^

July 18th

Yet another chapter of Fallen Stars is done, so go and check it out. Hopefully there should be some new reviews to come soon, but this fic and a backlog of things to watch has been keeping me occupied enough recently!

June 5th

Fallen Stars chapter 3 is now up and ready for perusal. Finally. So much for a monthly schedule eh?

April 8th

The next chapter of Fallen Stars is up and ready for reading! Chapter 1 has also had some more proofing done to fix a few spelling and suffix issues.

February 19th

Well, so much for those new reviews! I do have an excuse though, because I have a new fanfiction in production! This is a fantasy-ish Sailor Moon story that I first got the idea for back when I was writing Faith, Hope & Carrot Soup. It's evolved a bit since then, but I'm amazed I ever got around to it at all. Go check it out and see what you think.

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