Updates in 2005

December 6th

December already... How time flies. Anyhow, I have a new piece of original artwork up, so go check her out in the Personal section! Nothing else to report for now, so I'll see you in the new year with more reviews!

September 30th

This bi-monthly update shedule is getting to be a bad habit, and I only just made it this time! Still, I have two new double reviews for you now. The first is for both series of Big O while the second takes in all the animated material for Steel Angel Kurumi. And for once they're both more than reasonably dubbed!

July 26th

Once again I've ended up skipping a month, but now I finally have new material to put up. Firstly is a review for 'Battle Athletes Victory', and secondly my lastest piece of original artwork. She's a gun obsessed young woman and has the hardware to prove it, but I'm not going to give away to much about her just yet! ^_^

May 24th

It's been a while and I don't have as much to show for it as I would like. However, there are two new reviews up, one for 3x3 Eyes and one for Nightwalker. You might also have noticed that the site's splash image has been update. And finally I've fixed some of the abysmal spelling in previous reviews too, so this place is that bit more readable.

March 14th

Vita Fluxa is now finished, with part two posted in the fan works section. All feedback is welcome, as always. There is also another new review up, this time for the original Bubblegun Crisis.

February 20th

Two more reviews for you this month: Key The Metal Idol and Orphen. I also have the first chapter of a two part fanfic. Vita Fluxa is a System Shock fic, once again drawing from a computer game and exploring a possibility that was thrown out to us at the end. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

January 14th

Another piece of original art is now up, the partner piece to the slug girl, so take a look. I also have a review for You're Under Arrest: The Motion Picture.

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