Updates in 2010

November 30th

Chapter 18 of After the Vault is now done, and so ends another story. My longest to date, as well. Thanks to everyone who sent feedback over these last few years. You've made it all the more worthwhile. What I'll be doing next or when I'm not entirely sure, but it will come in due course.

October 1st

And Chapter 17 of After the Vault is done. Only one more to go before the end of the book now. Whew.

August 22nd

Amecon 10 has come and gone (as of last week - it's taken me this long to get around to updating now I'm back) and once again I have fuller dvd/display shelves and an emptier wallet. Sadly a work-intensive costume has meant I haven't had time to write much in the last four weeks, so the next chapter of After the Vault is still a way off, but here is a picture of my costume to laugh at between now and then!

July 2nd

As ever a few weeks away seems to have prompted the old muse back into action, and produced another chapter of After the Vault. Amazing what some R&R can achive. Please let me know what you think.

May 26th

Chapter 15 of After the Vault is now finished. Enjoy!

March 14th

Another long wait for the first chapter of the year, so I apologise to those who are reading, but After the Vault chapter 14 is now up. Enjoy, and as ever all feedback is welcome.

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